I-Store: Data Management on Fast Networks

The next generation of high-performance RDMA-capable networks requires a fundamental rethinking of the design of modern distributed in-memory DBMSs. These systems are commonly designed under the assumption that the network is the bottleneck and thus must be avoided as much as possible. This assumption no longer holds true. With InfiniBand FDR 4x, the bandwidth available to transfer data across the network is in the same ballpark as the bandwidth of one memory channel, and the bandwidth increases even more with the most recent EDR standard. Moreover, with increasing advances in RDMA, transfer latencies improve similarly fast.

In this project, we first argue that the “old” distributed database design is not capable of taking full advantage of fast networks and suggest a new architecture. We currently implement a new database system called I-Store which is based on a new architecture called Network-attached Memory Architecture, which separates compute storage from storage. The NAM architecture has not only the advantage that compute storage can leverage the main memory of other machines but we can also better size the system with regard to the resource needs (compute vs. storage) and can provide better load-balancing.


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